Office x Tohme is characterized by an unorthodox vision that seeks to open the horizons already traveled, seeing differential value in each of its projects.

The studio is almost like an oxymoron, they are an universal proposal on specific scenarios.

The international team evidences the conviction of uniting universality and specificity not only in its practice, but also in its discourse; the possibility that there are multiple voices in search of the same purpose.

Office x Tohme is an invitation to immerse yourself in a multidisciplinary architecture that questions and transforms, celebrating the creation of the new, from the reorganization of the existing.


Juan Tohme (Ecu)
  • Dolores Poggi (Arg)
  • Candela Botta (Arg)
  • Juan Pérez Monsalvo (Arg)
  • Paula Guachamin-Matta (Ecu)
  • Valentina Almeida (Ecu)
  • Diego Baglini (Uru)
  • Ray Heikkila (USA)
  • Milena Gómez Luxen (Arg)
  • Francisco Lezama (Uru)
  • Federico Paz (Uru)
  • Vicky Csambal (Arg)
  • Marcelo Ramos (Arg)
  • Ezequiel Estepo (Arg)
  • Micaela Adlerstein (Arg)
  • Rodrigo Salgueiro (Arg)
  • Lucía Esteras (Arg)
  • Kenji Kogushi (Jpn)
  • Sol Alegre (Arg)
  • Delfina Facio (Arg)
  • Sofia Elizalde (Arg)
  • Antonino Caridi (Ita)
  • Anita Pop (Eng)
  • Anna Luison (Ita)
  • Gabriela Abril (Ecu)
  • Leicen Zamora (Ven)